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About NC Headlines

History of NC Headlines - NC Press Release Website

NC Headlines was conceived and built by the North Carolina web design firm New Media Campaigns.  The firm launched in 2006, born of an idea by some college friends.  None had any real agency experience or client list to speak of, so the business needed to grow organically through good work, word of mouth, and press.

An initial strategy used by NMC was publicizing recent work on local press release websites, like Carolina Newswire.  These sites would publish local business news, allowing NMC to promote recent projects and spread the word of its work.  Additionally, NMC would use the newswires to look for dynamic companies who were pushing out content but had sites that were lagging, and do everyone's favorite thing: cold contact those firms.  The simple strategy proved effective, and NMC's work led to a number of organizations and agency partners reaching out to the firm about their own projects.  Additionally, NMC was able to source and sign several new clients they initially discovered from a news release.

Over the years, these press release websites started shutting down or being rolled up into larger, paid offerings and sites.  NMC saw an opportunity to revive the local news release site to help others be able to publicize their own work and see what's going on in the community.  Additionally, NMC had been missing a resource through which to share their own press releases about firm news, additional services, non-profit website design launches, new client wins, job postings, law firm website design projects, and plenty more.

The agency took it upon itself to build a new tool that could be used by the local community.  It was also aimed at improving on the old services by making it easier for submissions to be optimized for search engines, allowing rich media, and enabling organizations to build out mini profiles on the site.

Since launch, the site has published thousands of news releases and gets thousands of visitors each month, becoming a helpful and important resource for those out there with news to share.

A New Website for North Carolina Press Releases

These days, news releases and business announcements require much more than just blasting out an email attachment to your PR list. You need your news to show up in search results and for the information to be presented in an interactive way that helps to tell your story. It's also important that readers who want to learn more about your company can easily visit your blog and social media accounts like Twitter or Facebook. NCheadlines.com does all of these things and it's completely free to use.

To get an idea of what's available, view a sample release , read our launch post on the blog, or see below for a quick overview of what makes NC Headlines different. If you have any questions, feedback or ideas, please get in touch. We'd love to hear from you.

SEO Friendly

Optimized and SEO-friendly URLs help expose your news to visitors searching for information about your company. 

  • Example:  http://www.ncheadlines.com/your-release-title-with-name-and-keywords

NC Headlines currently has a Google Pagerank of 4 and doesn't mark the outbound links in your release as "nofollow," passing valuable "link juice" back to your website.


Continue to interact with readers by connecting your social networking accounts like Facebook and Twitter and through links to your website and blog.


Embed videos, slide decks and tons of other interactive elements to help tell your story.


Structured content helps visitors find what they’re looking for quickly and allows you to separate what’s important for them to see.