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J.S. Kim Promoted to Chairman of Daedong Industrial Co., Ltd., Parent Company of KIOTI Tractor

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WENDELL, N.C. — Daedong Industrial Co., Ltd., parent company of Daedong-USA, Inc. KIOTI Tractor Division, is pleased to announce the promotion of J.S. Kim to chairman of Daedong Industrial. Previously, Kim served as vice chairman of Daedong Industrial and chairman of Daedong-USA. During his time as chairman of Daedong-USA, he has led KIOTI to record growth while supervising the expansion of the product line.

Kim will continue to serve as chairman of Daedong-USA while overseeing all Daedong affiliates including: Daedong Gear, Daedong Metals, Hankuk Chain, Daedong KIOTI Europe B.V and KIOTI Golf.

Kim’s predecessor, Sang Soo Kim, served as chairman of Daedong Industrial from 1984 until his passing in 2017. Sang Soo Kim modernized the agriculture industry in South Korea and spent his career focusing on global expansion, while developing the highest-quality equipment. His vision inspired others to strengthen the Daedong name. That vision continues to motivate the company to achieve further success in his honor.

 “J.S. Kim will keep us focused on growth while developing innovative technologies and providing value to our customers. Our commitment is evident in every service and product; it’s what drives us to be leaders in the industry,” said Peter Dong-Kyun Kim, president and CEO of Daedong-USA, Inc. KIOTI Tractor Division.

 Daedong Industrial also celebrated its 70th anniversary in 2017. “Although we started in ironworks producing farming tools, the manufacturing of our first engine established the basis for modern agricultural production in South Korea. Seven decades later, we’ve built our legacy as a leader in global agricultural equipment manufacturing,” said J.S. Kim, chairman, Daedong-USA, Inc. and chairman, Daedong Industrial Co., Ltd.

 For more information about KIOTI Tractor, please visitwww.KIOTI.com. To learn more about Daedong Industrial’s history and accomplishments, visit www.daedong.co.kr.

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