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Aeroflow Healthcare Donates Respiratory Equipment to Treat Nicaraguan Children

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Aeroflow Healthcare, an Inc. 5000 fastest growing company, announced today a donation of four pediatric nebulizers and 30 inhaler spacers to treat Nicaraguan children suffering from respiratory disorders such as asthma or chronic bronchitis.


After learning that Dr. Teresa Herbert of Park Ridge Hospital in Hendersonville, NC was joining her daughter on a mission in Nicaragua and needs respiratory equipment, Aeroflow made the donation to extend its caring reach across the continent and improve the quality of life of Nicaraguan children in need.

“It is such a privilege to both work with and contribute to an organization with such a great cause,” said Aeroflow Patient Care Coordinator Brice Rowland, “Dr. Herbert’s passion for child care in such an impoverished area is very inspiring and humbling. It is an honor for Aeroflow to give back and be able to make a difference so far away from home.”

Doctors prescribe pediatric nebulizers to prevent asthma attacks, damage to the lungs, and to provide breathing assistance. Nebulizers atomize liquid medicine into inhalable mists for infants, toddlers, and children. They are used when children are too small or afraid to use inhalers and cause the medicine to more quickly dissipate into the lungs and enter the bloodstream for relief.

Inhaler spacers help people with trouble breathing administer medicine deep into their lungs to receive faster relief. They are attached to inhalers to hold medicine in place, to make it easier to correctly inhale into the lungs.

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