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Avance Care Launches Unique On-Site Healthcare Solutions for Businesses

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Avance Care, an innovative primary care provider with several locations throughout the Raleigh-Durham area, is pleased to announce AvanceEngage. The AvanceEngage solutions make it possible for businesses to offer safe and convenient access to top quality healthcare inside the workplace to improve the health and well-being of all employees. Beyond commercial business spaces, these solutions can also be utilized in schools and residential living spaces.

AvanceEngage provides four core offerings:

• Avance HealthPod: An on-site primary care module staffed by a trained medical assistant and remote medical provider that can assess over 80 conditions and provide labs and screenings — all within 100 square feet. Take a virtual tour of a HealthPod here.

• Avance TeleCare: Virtual provider’s visits to evaluate medical conditions including mild and most moderate illnesses, chronic conditions, as well as addressing concerns about COVID-19.

• Avance HealthCenter: Customized on-site healthcare for employees by a local Avance Care provider. Our local providers can connect employees with a network of near-site care if needed.

• Back to Work Program: On-site COVID-19 antibody, PCR and antigen testing at your organization before employees start back in the office.

AvanceEngage provides additional offerings including nutrition, behavioral wellness and pharmacy services. Traditionally, only large companies have been able to offer these types of on-site healthcare benefits, but AvanceEngage is proud to provide on-site and near-site healthcare options for companies of all sizes. The AvanceEngage program is especially significant for the Triangle as it is the first program of its kind in the area.

“We have reimagined what healthcare should look like in the workplace amid the COVID-19 crisis and beyond,” said Director of Business Development at Avance Care Ted Cole. “As businesses begin to think about back-to-office plans, we want them to know that we are here to be a partner and ensure the well-being of employees with our on-site and near-site care options. AvanceEngage offers a level of convenience to approaching healthcare that is simply unmatched.”

In today’s economic climate, the cost of healthcare for employers and employees continues to rise, while employee productivity and satisfaction become more critical to a company’s success and bottom line. Research indicates that a business with approximately 2,000 employees could save approximately $441,000 per year in healthcare costs and realize another $711,000 by avoiding employee productivity losses with an on-site clinic.

“With AvanceEngage, employees will not have to wait long hours at the doctor’s office to be seen anymore. Instead, they can simply visit a medical provider from the comfort of their office space,” said Cole. “Our multiple care options are an outstanding benefit for employees, as well as an excellent tool for employee recruitment and retention. It also demonstrates an organization’s commitment to increasing access to affordable care solutions.”

Interested companies can receive a customized savings calculation for on-site care, by emailing engage@avancecare.com. To learn more, visit avanceengage.com or call (984) 344-9390.

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