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Best Marketing Strategies to Sell Your Home for Top Dollar by Charlotte’s Top Real Estate Agent NAncy Braun | Charlotte Today

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Charlotte, April 23, 2018: Top Charlotte REALTOR® and Owner of Showcase Realty, Nancy Braun, offered WCNC-NBC’s Channel 36 show Charlotte Today’s audience some of her best marketing strategies to homeowners interested in selling their homes for top dollar.

To begin, Braun stressed upon the importance of using professional photos when selling a home. She explained that while homebuyers used to depend solely on REALTORS® when looking for properties in the past, today they look on internet sites first before consulting with real estate professionals. Since photos are what make the quickest impressions when buyers browse on the internet, hiring a professional photographer to do the task becomes a critical part of the home-selling process. As Braun put it, “impression is everything and photography is everything.”

At Showcase Realty, professional home photographers are on staff to take photos of their clients’ properties on sale. Although good photos do not necessarily guarantee that a home seller will find a buyer for the property, they do get a number of potential buyers in the door.

Aside from photos, Braun advised, the MLS list is another critical factor. According to Nancy, the MLS sheet must be able to lay out all the information about the property for sale with a professional description and a list of all its enticing features. “I would suggest that if you do have your home in the market, or if you’re planning to put your home on the market, look at your MLS sheet. Ask your agent to send it to you as a proof so you can make sure that you have everything in there that are really important features… You want to make the captions and the descriptions emotionally engaging, not just technical,” she said.

Another critical strategy that Braun shared was the use of videos. Because some home buyers prefer watching a video tour of the property for sale over clicking through photos, it helps to create real videos and post them on social media so potential buyers will have a virtual feel of the home.

Towards the end of the interview, Braun emphasized the importance of fast lead follow-up in selling a home. “Everyone is instant… They want instant response, so if you return someone’s inquiry whether it’s an email, or a voicemail or a call two hours later, they’ve already moved on… They need that instant, instant return. You want to be sure that the REALTOR® you’re working with is going to respond to the calls and the emails immediately while the person is engaged in that house,” she said.