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Chapel Hill's Ashe Avenue Web Development Team Launches Occupy.com

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Chapel Hill's Ashe Avenue Web Development Team Launches Occupy.com

New website targets millions of users looking to engage with the Occupy movement

(RTP, N.C.: April 12, 2012) Ashe Avenue (www.asheavenue.com), with offices in Chapel Hill, N.C. and Brooklyn, N.Y., is the high-performance web development team behind Occupy.com (www.occupy.com), a new media channel for millions of users to engage with the Occupy movement. Occupy.com offers a full range of content, including news, video, music and photography. The site was launched just in time for May 1, when the movement will call for a General Strike and a series of events dubbed “The American Spring.”

“There are millions of people who want to engage with Occupy and they don’t know where to go,” said New York filmmaker David Sauvage, the co-founder of Occupy.com. “Occupy.com brings the movement to the people.”

Occupy.com founders used word-of-mouth to find Ashe Avenue. “A friend of mine pointed me in Ashe Avenue's direction. They know how to do clear, simple and powerful presentation of media on a similar scale to what we're envisioning,” said Sauvage. “They were patient, collaborative, smart, flexible. It's a work in progress. It's a partnership. And we look forward to seeing where it can go. Like the movement itself, it's about process, creativity, spontaneity. These are rare qualities. Ashe Avenue had them.”

“Our team wanted to contribute to the Occupy movement. We built a high-performance site that offers an artistic format, and supports a wide range of content,” said John McKinney, principal and co-founder, Ashe Avenue. “Occupy.com is designed to handle the rapidly evolving needs of the movement. Our platform provides the scalability and robustness to handle rapid increases in traffic to the site.”

For more information, please contact John McKinney, principal and co-founder, Ashe Avenue, by email at jmckinney@asheavenue.com.

For media information, please contact Kim Zdanowicz, public relations, Koroberi, Inc. (www.koroberi.com), by email at kim@koroberi.com or by phone at 919.945.0548.


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