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Constellation Achieves New Milestone With 100 Development Partners

Bookmark and Share Raleigh, NC - January 15, 2020 -

Constellation Digital Partners has reached a new milestone with the announcement of its 100th development partner. With credit unions preparing to go live with Constellation, the 100th development partner milestone is remarkable due to the vast array of services that will be made available to credit unions. Meaning, the more registered development partners there are on the platform, the more activity there is surrounding active projects and services being built.

The Constellation Digital Platform allows development partners to create new services, test them and ultimately submit them for certification upon completion. Multiple developers can be working simultaneously on the platform to deliver solutions to credit unions. Constellation has formed very solid, collaborative partnerships among fintech partners and credit unions. Today there are more than 250 individual developers working on projects within the developer portal to provide a wide array of additional services to credit unions, and eventually, credit union members.

“Our goal is to continue building out our development partnerships, while we also focus on supporting developers that are actively developing services within the platform,” says Constellation Developer Evangelist Daryl Thornton. “What’s amazing about the Constellation platform is that we have development efforts coming from both our fintech partners, as well as credit unions that know firsthand what members want and need from a digital banking standpoint.”

When asked about the partnerships formed with Constellation, some of the first fintech partners said the following:

"As one of the first fintech partners on the platform, it has been an impactful experience to collaborate with the Constellation team and its credit union owners to build the next generation platform for digital banking. Constellation invests heavily in fintech partnerships, pushing aside the traditional customer/vendor approach historically seen in financial services," said Marc Miller, CEO of WalletFi.

“When we first met the Constellation team, we had very little knowledge of the credit union industry. Kris and his team took us in as a partner, helped us explore the use cases of our software, and brought Zogo to the center of attention for some of their partners. We are so proud to be one of the first fintechs to have joined Constellation, and we are grateful for the support they have provided us,” says Zogo Finance CEO Bolun Li.

In addition to the Constellation digital banking services, there are currently an additional 20 certified services active on the platform with many more in the pipeline.

Constellation is making it possible for credit unions to access the resources needed to provide the digital services members desire. The patented secure marketplace enables credit unions to engage members in a way that’s never been possible before, powered by multiple providers through a single consolidated member application.

“It is an amazing milestone for us to hit 100 development partners and counting, especially as we have many credit unions preparing to go live in 2020. The services that our development partners are building will enhance every credit union member’s digital experience and we’re proud to be the catalyst for that,” says Constellation CEO and Founder Kris Kovacs. “This is such an exciting demonstration of the power of a truly open digital ecosystem that supports fintechs and credit unions alike.”

To learn more about Constellation, visit www.constellation.coop. And, connect with Constellation on Twitter, Instagram (@ConstellationDP), Facebook and LinkedIn.

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