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Constellation Digital Partners and LenderClose Announce First Certified Tile for Commercial Loan Originations

Bookmark and Share Raleigh, NC - August 13, 2020

Constellation Digital Partners, a platform enabling credit union and fintech collaboration, and LenderClose, a technology-focused lending solution, are pleased to announce LenderClose’s first certified service, also known as a tile, on the Constellation platform. The certified tile is a commercial loan origination system that injects speed and efficiency into the lending process to greatly enhance the borrowing experience. The tile streamlines the application process for credit unions and credit union members by putting the loan application process at the fingertips of the commercial borrower. This is the first tile to date on the Constellation platform that will provide access to commercial lending.

The Constellation Digital Platform is the first open platform for the development of online and mobile banking services. The platform allows fintechs of all shapes and sizes to create discreet functions or services that credit unions can purchase and combine into a single seamless user experience, ultimately allowing the credit union to pursue a multithreaded digital strategy for the first time by sourcing their solution from many providers instead of just one. It provides the connection for obtaining services, providing services with access to the core, and delivering those services in a cohesive approach.

LenderClose is founded on the key belief that innovative technology can empower credit unions. It equips loan originators with the workflows needed to boost efficiencies and shorten the lending cycle through simplified and meaningful integrations. Each borrowing experience is affected by what happens inside the financial institution and LenderClose specializes on the holistic elevation of the overall lending process.

“At LenderClose, we are very passionate about keeping lending local and emboldening credit unions with the same technology as their competitors. We know that credit unions’ lending competition is no longer limited by geography, so there are a lot of options for credit union business members to get their commercial loans,” said LenderClose Founder and CEO Omar Jordan. “What we’re aiming to do through our commercial lending service on the Constellation platform is to finally make it an integrated and seamless digital lending experience.”

Once the commercial lending tile is integrated into a credit union’s digital banking system, credit union members can apply through the commercial loan feature, furthering the ability to help credit unions stay relevant and offer end-to-end seamless e-lending solutions. Through the feature, application documents can be uploaded and maintained in one secure location, which has not been possible until now.

“Having a commercial loan origination service available on the platform will allow credit unions to streamline their processes,” said Constellation Founder and CEO Kris Kovacs.

“In partnership with LenderClose, we will finally be able to provide credit unions with the opportunity to compete with larger organizations in the lending space. This is just the first step of an ongoing partnership we are forming and we’re really excited to work with the LenderClose team to create a long-term road map for future services to come.”

Together, the two award-winning, innovative Credit Union Service Organizations (CUSOs) are making it simpler for credit unions to access the resources needed to provide the digital banking services members expect from their financial institution. Powered by providers like LenderClose, Constellation’s secure marketplace enables credit unions to engage with members in a way that’s never been possible before.

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