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Former Corporate Execs Bring #1 Mobile Flooring Franchise to North Charlotte, Lake Norman

Bookmark and Share Mooresville, NC - June 24, 2019 -

Neal Martin and Pamela Hanson each enjoyed successful corporate careers that lasted almost 30 years with the same company, a global manufacturer of construction goods. But that’s not to say they weren’t immune from the potholes that sometimes complicate such careers – mergers, acquisitions, downsizings and restructurings – so when they both found their senior-level positions eliminated after their company was sold to a private equity firm last year, they were faced with a decision. “The question then became, not what do we do, but where do we do it? Do we return to corporate America and risk similar events or do we invest in ourselves and build a small business that was different… one that would lift up employees and reward hard work and impact our communities?” Hanson said. The Mooresville couple chose the latter and on March 26 launched operations as franchise owners with Floor Coverings International, whose representatives visit customers’ homes in a Mobile Flooring Showroom stocked with thousands of flooring samples from top manufacturers. Floor Coverings International of North Charlotte & Lake Norman serves customers throughout those respective areas, as well as Statesville.

Hanson, 48, was a senior director of customer engagement while Martin, 56, was a senior vice president of global business development. Each was at their former employer for more than 28 years. “We have 28 years of corporate experience with the same company because we are loyal and committed to brands that we represent and believe in,” Hanson said. “We are accustomed to rolling up our sleeves to help customers solve problems within their budget and without sacrificing quality.”

In Floor Coverings International, Martin and Hanson found a company that has tripled in size since 2005 by putting a laser focus on consumer buying habits and expressed desires, its impressive operating model, growth ability, marketing, advertising and merchandising. Floor Coverings International further separates itself from the competition through its customer experience, made up of several simple and integrated steps that exceed customers’ expectations. Floor Coverings International also has a very strong commitment to community involvement, led by CEO Tom Wood. “The Floor Coverings International leadership team was highly engaged and it was clear they were committed to the success of their franchisees. Most important was the culture of giving back,” Hanson said. “When we considered everything – great leadership, a compassionate and people-focused culture, a great in-home experience and quality products for every customer and budget – we knew that combination would provide our customers with an experience that mattered and set us apart from other flooring companies.”

Lastly, one of the considerations that led Hanson and Martin to start a business of their own was the opportunity to leave a legacy for their children that was representative of their core values – to treat people with respect, dignity and a sense of value for their contributions. “We have a blended family with six kids, two of whom have disabilities. Having our own business gives them a safe place to learn new skills, explore their talents and gain experience,” Hanson said. “If they decided a traditional workplace isn’t the right thing for them, they have a place to go that will provide them a fulfilling and rewarding alternative to obtaining independence on their time frame and in their own unique way.”



Floor Coverings International is the #1 Mobile Flooring Franchise in North America. Utilizing a unique in-home experience, the mobile showroom comes directly to the customer’s door with more than 3,000 flooring choices. Floor Coverings International has 150-plus locations throughout the U.S. and Canada with plenty of opportunity for continued expansion in 2019. For franchise information, please visit www.flooring-franchise.com and to find your closest location, www.floorcoveringsinternational.com.

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