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Housing Counseling Program Receives City of Charlotte Contract and Other Grants

Bookmark and Share Charlotte, NC - July 16, 2018

Charlotte’s City Council recently voted in favor of The Housing Partnership and one other nonprofit serving as the City’s housing counseling and education services provider following an extensive request for proposal and review process. Contracted services include homeownership preparation counseling for the home buying process, budgeting, home lending basics, personal credit and credit worthiness, negotiating the loan and closing, foreclosure prevention and more. The City contract will also provide for broader outreach to Latino families to increase homeownership among that population.

“We are excited to continue our longstanding partnership with the City of Charlotte to provide and expand homeownership opportunities for the residents of Charlotte through homeownership counseling and education," said Julie Porter, president of The Housing Partnership. The City contract is one of several new funding opportunities The Housing Partnership has garnered as a result of its successful track record in homeownership counseling since 1993.

“Over the past 25 years, we’ve adapted our homeownership programs to meet the evolving needs of prospective buyers and the changing landscape of the local real estate market,” said Ralphine Caldwell, head of The Housing Partnership’s Homeownership Center of Charlotte. “We believe homeownership is still the best way for families to build wealth, and look forward to helping our customers pass along such wealth to future generations.”

In addition to the City contract, The Housing Partnership has received grants from Wells Fargo Bank, Fifth Third Bank and SunTrust Bank to create greater opportunities for low- to moderate-income families to own homes. To date, The Housing Partnership has counseled almost 26,000 families and created more than 3,800 homeowners.

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