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RALEIGH, N.C. — Two local area nonprofits, Designed For Joy and The Scrap Exchange, have partnered to bring living wage jobs to women in the Triangle Area who need it most. The Scrap Exchange promotes creativity, environmental awareness and community through material collection and reuse. By partnering with Designed For Joy, who creates transitional work experiences for women coming from emergency situations, the pair is able to offer green jobs and workforce development opportunities to the community.

Designed For Joy is now adding three new durable and sustainable travel toiletry bags to their line from materials given by The Scrap Exchange. This will create more living wage hours for their artisans. These women have overcome great adversity and by the generosity from both of these organizations, artisans can continue to develop job skills, put food on the table for their families, grow in confidence and rebuild their lives.

“Our artisans are learning new skills because we have the materials to teach them. We have kept materials out of the landfills by upcycling and creating new, purposeful products. Saving the environment AND empowering women? I couldn’t think of a better partnership,” said Kristen Sydow, co-founder and designer at Designed For Joy.

Diana Shark, Marketing & Special Events Director for The Scrap Exchange added. “It is a win-win for both organizations. We gain an outlet for material that does not sell and Designed For Joy lowers the cost of running a valuable community program. We are very excited about what the future might hold for this partnership!” 

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