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Nancy Braun Talks About Downsizing Your Home on WCNC-NBC’s Charlotte Today

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CHARLOTTE, NC - When the children leave, and a home that served specific needs — such as an ideal school district or a large yard, no longer serves a person’s lifestyle later on in life, it is convenience rather than cash that is the motivation to downsize.

Nancy Braun, award-winning REALTOR®, Charlotte business woman, and author of The No Holds Barred Guide to Buying and Selling Your Home in the Carolinas, talked with WCNC-NBC’s Charlotte Today hosts, Colleen Odegaard and Eugene Robinson, about downsizing a home as life’s demands change. She offers her advice on what to do to make the decision easier and less stressful.

A primary deterrent to downsizing, according to Braun, is feeling overwhelmed by the thought of de-cluttering a home that has accumulated decades of “stuff”. Nancy Braun’s solution is simple. She explains that she and her team at Showcase Realty make the experience as easy as possible by connecting clients with different specialists in Charlotte and its surrounding areas to assist them through the process. Braun suggests that they hire a college student, for example, to assist them going through one room at a time to figure out what to keep, throw away, donate and sell. These tech savvy students can also market their belongings on the internet for sale.

People looking to downsize their Charlotte area homes have a variety of options available to them. Some people might prefer a low-maintenance home in an adult active community, a condo, or townhome to allow them the freedom to be away for longer periods of time if they want to travel or go on a cruise; Others might want a house in a nice neighborhood in Charlotte, but with a smaller yard, so they’re closer to their neighbors, and can participate in neighborhood activities, make friends and build relationships.

When the home is ready to put on the market, Charlotte homeowners who are downsizing face an issue of finding a home to buy in time to move. “At this stage,” Nancy Braun explained, “there are many solutions, and if there aren’t any obvious solutions, my team and I provide creative solutions! In our experience, the choices we provide are workable and help clients make the transition easier.”

For situations where financing is an issue until a home sale, Braun explained that homeowners should discuss options with their accountants. She continued, “If homeowners don’t have the cash to buy a home, they can explore other options such as using their home equity line to pull some money out of their current home. They can also consider using funds from their IRA -- where there is a 60-day grace period without a tax burden. Also, there are many instances when buyers and sellers work things out together. For example, one of my current clients is downsizing and buying a home; the seller is downsizing as well. They’re working it out together so they have access before closing and so on. ”

Braun believes that downsizing is a great opportunity for Charlotte’s empty-nesters to benefit from their home equity, and enjoy freedom from the burden of being tied to a large home that keeps them bound by maintenance, landscaping and more.

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A former corporate lawyer and entrepreneur, Nancy Braun runs a team of over 50 real estate agents at Showcase Realty, and has been in the real estate industry for more than 45 years. An award-winning real estate agent, Braun has sold thousands of homes in the Carolinas -- assisting home sellers sell for top dollar, and home buyers realize the American dream of home ownership. She often offers her expertise to real estate audiences through TV appearances, podcasts, articles, blogs and more.

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