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Paul Davis Shares Property Damage Repair Tips Post Hurricane Florence

Bookmark and Share Wilmington, NC - September 26, 2018

North and South Carolina – Thousands of homeowners are feeling the devastating aftermath of Hurricane Florence, while insurance companies and local contractors are overwhelmed with claims. The question remains, how can homeowners get things moving and not be taken advantage of? Paul Davis, one of the top restoration companies in the U.S. shares these tips:

• Before taking any action, personal safety comes first. One result of severe storms, electrical shock, is always a danger. Turn off the electricity; cut water supply to leaking or broken pipes.

• Call your insurance company ASAP and get a referral for a professional, certified restoration company who will assess property damage and work with you through the process; for example at Paul Davis we will write a fair estimate that your insurance adjuster will accept, and then go on to perform the work efficiently and correctly.

• Turn in the claim as soon as you know you have damage – insurance companies will be assigning losses to their local adjusters, who will quickly reach capacity. You don’t have to wait for insurance claim representatives to arrive on the scene to evaluate the loss. Waiting may increase the likelihood of secondary damage that might not be covered by insurance.

• Restoration companies understand how to write an initial, detailed estimate that your insurance adjuster will accept; they will help you process the payments and they can work with your insurance company if additional damage is discovered during the course of the project.

After contracting with a restoration company:

• Be prepared to provide the name of your insurance company, insurance agent, adjuster, deductible and a claim number.

• Sign the work authorization to begin the emergency work right away. This includes any drying, tarping, board-up, and protection of the contents of the home.

• One way to expedite approval of the repair estimate is to arrange for the insurance adjuster and restoration contractor to assess the damage together.

To help expedite repairs:

• Select items such as new carpet, tile, cabinets, paint colors, and light fixtures as soon as possible. Many of these items have lead times, especially in the aftermath of a major storm, when materials can run short.

• If the payments from the insurance company include your mortgage company, work with your contractor to ensure they process the payments and perform any inspections required, so that the contractor can receive progress payments as the work progresses.

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