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Piper Griffin's Website for LA Supreme Court

Bookmark and Share - August 03, 2020

Piper Griffin is currently a judge on the Civil District Court for the Parish of Orleans, Division "I". She has served on the bench since 2001.  Piper received her law degree from Louisiana State University School of Law and has been recognized as a Judicial Pacesetter.

Piper is now setting her sights on the Louisiana Supreme Court. She knew that she needed a compelling website to help her educate voters on her experience and vision. Piper reached out to New Media Campaigns to help her design the new site.

NMC has significant experience with political website designs and judicial campaign websites. We worked with Piper and her team to design a splash page that immediately grabs the attention of visitors and pushes them to sign up for future updates, consider making a donation, and learn more about Piper.

Happening simultaneously to the launch of the splash page is a development of a full website. The campaign site will aim to be modern, engaging, and action focused. The site connects with NGP's suite of donation and volunteer management tools, making it easy for the campaign to manage and organize all of its data in one place.

NMC is excited about this partnership with Judge Griffin and looking forward to helping her in the election this fall.