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Protus3 Introduces New, Personalized Background Screening Application

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Protus3 Introduces New, Personalized Background Screening Application

The addition of an online interface allows for a streamlined process while maintaining the close relationships built with clients

RALEIGH, NC-- Protus3, a leader in the security consulting and investigative community, is upgrading their current background screening experience for their clients. As a long time provider of background screenings, Protus3 is taking steps to build an online application that streamlines the request process while maintaining the same level of support and customization currently offered. Clients can submit requests and see results of background screenings plus other pertinent information like the number of screenings they have done, tracking the status of a screening, and past reports.

“Many of our clients don’t have an HR department or, if they do, they’re wearing many hats and can be stretched thin. Things like an in-depth background screening and reference interviews can fall to the wayside during the on-boarding process,” said Christine Peterson, President of Protus3. “We work hard to help our clients understand the information we present and go above-and-beyond by advising them as to how they can mitigate crime and insider threats. We provide the necessary knowledge and tools for our clients to make an informed decision during the hiring process and comply with legal issues such as the Fair Credit Reporting Act.”

Protus3’s approach has always been different from traditional methods. With Protus3, clients are guaranteed a more personable and customized experience. During the process, an investigator is assigned to each client and is available by email and phone. Rather than just compiling a report and sending it out, the investigators at Protus3 review the information and advise their clients how best to proceed. Their client-centric focus gives companies confidence in decision making because they are getting more than a “canned” system report. Clients are getting an investigator’s perspective that knows their business.

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