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WCNC-NBC Charlotte Today’s Interview With Nancy Braun on Choosing the Right Real Estate Agent

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CHARLOTTE, NC - The main concern home buyers and sellers face is hiring the right real estate agent to represent their interests during a transaction. Nancy Braun, award-winning REALTOR®, Charlotte business woman, and author of The No Holds Barred Guide to Buying and Selling Your Home in the Carolinas, offered her insights on how this critical process should be handled. Appearing on her fourth interview with WCNC-NBC’s Charlotte Today news team, Braun offers a list of critical questions to use when selecting the right real estate agent for the job.

“The top question to ask is how many homes the real estate agent has sold,” said Nancy Braun. “Anyone can apply for their real estate license and get it within 6 to 8 weeks. The key is to hire a professional who knows the market, the neighborhoods, and what to look out for. It takes experience and an education that you can only get from handling hundreds or thousands of real estate transactions.”

The selection process is challenging to home buyers and sellers, since there are many real estate agents to choose from. However, Braun simplifies it by providing 25 critical questions people should ask the potential real estate agent vying for their business. Some of the questions include, establishing an agent’s transaction experience by asking how many homes they have bought or sold in the past year, finding out how many ready-to-go buyers they are working with, if they have ranked, gained recognitions, or won any awards for their work in the real estate industry, and what staff or team members they have to provide support.

An essential factor for home sellers is asking what the real estate agent will do to market their home for sale. With over 92% of homebuyers looking online, an agent who is known for digital marketing is one to consider seriously. Braun stressed on the importance of professionally representing a home for sale through digital photography, professional listing marketing and descriptions, social marketing and representation, open houses, and more.

“The List Price to Sell is an important point to mention. In our industry, we have what we call “Limited Service Brokers” or “Discount Brokers” who might promote that they charge less commission. You might be so focussed on what kind of commission the real estate agent you select is going to charge, but the end result you should consider is, “What am I going to Net?” So, if you put your home on the market, it doesn’t matter so much what you’re paying to get your home marketed as long at you net more.” Braun explained. “When these discount brokers don’t use all the tools they have at their disposal to market a property, they bring back offers that are below list price… the seller loses out on money, even though they think they saved money on the commission. If you went with someone like myself, we get 100% on average of list price.”

When asked how Braun and her team at Showcase Realty get their clients’ homes sold so quickly, she explains that it's important to have a large database of home buyers who are ready to buy when the right home comes on the market. “We’re heavy marketers, so we have over 50,000 buyers in our database. I often tell my home-selling clients that I probably already have their home sold.”

The company’s marketing, directed by Braun, is managed by a team of professionals deeply knowledgeable about how to reach the right audiences for every home for sale. With experts in Social Media, Digital Marketing and Search Engine Marketing (SEO), combined with a very sophisticated Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform, Braun’s team is prepared to market properties to their database updating buyers immediately on new homes on the market, price reductions, open houses, back on the market and more.

“I was an individual agent for a general brokerage for the first 12 years of my career. In 2008, I spun off and created my own company because I felt that I couldn’t service my Sellers in particular without a big team behind me. The Internet was exploding, I realized that I needed more team members to help me market the properties. If you don’t have that kind of expertise behind you, you might not be getting the exposure that you need to sell your house,” explained Braun.

Showcase Realty offers top level real estate services to home buyers, sellers and investors in Charlotte and the Carolinas. Known as digital marketing innovators, Braun and her team sell homes fast and for top dollar. To learn more, visit ShowcaseRealty.net.

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About Nancy Braun:

A former corporate lawyer and entrepreneur, Nancy Braun runs a team of over 50 real estate agents at Showcase Realty, and has been in the real estate industry for more than 45 years. An award-winning real estate agent, Braun has sold thousands of homes in the Carolinas -- assisting home sellers sell for top dollar, and home buyers realize the American dream of homeownership. She often offers her expertise to real estate audiences through TV appearances, podcasts, articles, blogs and more.

Visit HowsTheMarketTV.com for more of Nancy Braun’s advice and tips for home buyers and sellers.

About Showcase Realty:

Showcase Realty is an award-winning real estate company known for its unique system in selling homes in the Carolinas. A renowned digital marketing innovator, it makes use of top marketing strategies, technologies and systems to give its clients cutting edge-results in the least amount of time.