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WGU North Carolina Signs Memorandum of Understanding with Piedmont Community College

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Will make it easier for PCC graduates to pursue bachelor’s degrees

WGU North Carolina, an affiliate of national online nonprofit Western Governors University, has signed a memorandum of understanding with Piedmont Community College that will ease the transition for graduates to pursue bachelor’s degrees offered by WGU, provide tuition discounts, and provide access to scholarship funds.

The MOU establishes the principles that all articulated associate degrees at PCC will transfer to WGU, thus facilitating a seamless process for graduates who wish to pursue a bachelor’s degree. It is expected that PCC graduates will not need to repeat any coursework toward a bachelor’s degree through WGU.

In addition, PCC graduates, faculty and staff will receive a 5 percent discount on WGU’s already cost-effective tuition of around $3,225 per six-month term for most undergraduate programs. They will also be eligible to apply for scholarships through the WGU Community College Partnerships Scholarship program, which provides each recipient with tuition credit of $2,000, awarded over four terms at $500 each term.

“We are so delighted to offer PCC students new gateways to advance their education. Doing so with an accredited institution that not only allows students to learn as it best fits their busy lifestyles with online courses, but also with a university that recognizes the importance of offering tuition discounts and scholarship opportunities, is vital to future student success,” commented Dr. Pamela Senegal, president of Piedmont Community College. “I am excited to meet the first students who take advantage of this new opportunity created by PCC and WGU North Carolina.”

“We are pleased to be partnering with PCC to help its graduates and staff realize opportunities to further their education,” said WGU North Carolina Chancellor Catherine Truitt. “Because WGU offers a competency-based learning model directly related to today’s industry demands, our graduates are more prepared to enter today’s workforce. We are committed to helping all North Carolina residents, whether in rural or urban areas, prepare themselves to meet our state’s job needs into the future.”

WGU offers more than 60 undergraduate and graduate degrees in the high-demand fields of business, information technology, education and healthcare, including nursing. WGU maintains credit transfer policies in association with community colleges across the United States. WGU North Carolina officially launched in October 2017 through a partnership between the State and nationally recognized Western Governors University. More than 3,100 North Carolina residents are currently enrolled at WGU.

For more information about WGU North Carolina, visit www.wgu.edu/north-carolina.html. To learn more about Piedmont Community College, visit www.piedmontcc.edu.

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